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We have been restoring motorcycles since 1991. For this period we obtained a widest experience in their restoration. In course of the last five years we came to a strict specialization in three motorcycle models. These are advanced cross-country military motorcycles "Zundapp KS-750", "BMW R-75" and "Harley-Davidson" motorcycles of several versions (military WLA, WLC military version and W,WL, WLD civil verison).
Due to a rather particular specialization we managed to achieve a high quality. After our revivifying the motorcycles find their primitive features and appearance, just as they looked half a century ago while leaving manufacturing works.
We keep in a close touch with our colleagues from Netherland, Czech republic, Germany, USA and Poland. We purchase necessary spare parts and units in these countries. However, we produce the majority of the most complicated and expensive spare parts and units inside the former USSR, at our domestic military works, for no secret is that namely the military industry was always remarkable for a high quality of its production. As for the "Zundapp KS-750", "BMW R-75", we manufacture more than 150 items of spare parts for them, as to "Harley-Davidson" motorcycles - 100 of them. For all than it must be noted that our prices are VERY reasonable.
For instance, we manufacture 90% of spare parts for gearboxes of "BMW R-75"motorcycles. The price of such a spare set is 2000 DM if bought from us, whereas that of similar parts in the West Europe in 6000 DM.

There may be not doubt as to the perfect quality of spare parts we produce. If you still doubt, please buy and compare!


1.Manufactured in: USA USA GERMANY GERMANY
3. Motorcycle model WLA(WLC) WL (W; WLD) R-75 (Sahara, Europe) KS-750 (Sahara, Europe)
4. Year of production 1941-1945 1937-1951 1940-1945 1940-1945
5. Number of motorcycles manufactured 60307 (17828) 21739 (1510; 2464) 16500 18500
- Working volume of engine 741,63ρμ3, O 69,85 x 95,84 μμ 741,8ρμ3, O 69,85 x 96,84 μμ 746ρμ3, O 78 x 78 μμ 751ρμ3, O 75 x 85 μμ
- Engine type Carburetor, four-stroke, V-formed arrangement of cylinders with overhead valves Carburetor, four-stroke, 2 opposed cylinders with understeer (bottom) valves
- Capacity 23,5 h/p 24 h/p 26 h/p 26 h/p
- Number of gears 3 3 4+3+reverse 4+1+reverse
- Maximal speed 105 km/h 120 km/h 92 km/h 92 km/h
- Electric equipment 6 V 6 V 6 V 6 V
- Wheel size (tyred) 4 x 18" 4,5 x 16"(4x18") 4,5 x 16" 4,5 x 16"
- Weight 250 kg 250 kg 420 kg 420 kg
7. Approximate restoration due time (if 1 motorcycle repaired) 3 - 4 months 3 - 5 months 3 - 5 months 3 - 5 months

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