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BMW R-75 "Europe"

BMW-75, “Europe” type

BMW R-75 "Sahara"

BMW R-75, “Sahara” type

Zundapp KS-750 "Europe"

Zundapp KS-750, “Europe” type

Zundapp KS-750 "Sahara"

Zundapp KS-750, “Sahara” type

Harley-Davidson WLA

Harley-Davidson, WLA model

Harley-Davidson WLA & WL

Harley-Davidson, WLA and WL model

Harley-Davidson WL

Harley-Davidson, WL model

Revivified motorcycles with 1 year's warranty assurance for all the new parts (please see the page “Now for sale”).

Motorcycles to your order where the Customer may choose by desire: model, type, mark, color of motorcycle plus additional (or optional) parts and units (for example, coupling tools and regular authorized trailer, machine-gun ring fastening, tank strengthening and fuel can for “Zundapp KS-750” and “BMW R-75”).

Restore your motorcycles of models mentioned above.

Deliver to your order a wholesale set of spare parts made on our own (due time varies from 1 to 3 months depending on complexity and number of parts to be supplied).

Not restored motorcycles of models mentioned above as well as original spare parts for them (please see the page “Now for sale”).

Assembly of “Zundapp KS-750”, “BMW R-75” and “Harley-Davidson” motorcycles (WL, WLA, WLC, WLD models).

Assistance in replenishing your motorcycles with both original and newly made parts and units.

Good offices at searches for any machines fabricated before 1945 inside CIS.

Technical maintenance and running service of models described before.

Competent consulting on any questions concerning restoration.

Engineering development, large output or short-run production of any parts meant for any sort of machines using every and all of possible metal-working technologies.

What prices depend on:

Extent to which a unit is built up with newly made and accordingly original parts (the more original, the more expensive!);

Extent to which a unit is replenished with additional utilities (for example, coupling tools, cartridge boxes, leather bags tank strengthening and fuel cans, etc);

Number of motorcycles under your order;


A flexible discount system for constant customers!!!

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